My Halloween Party

Each year me and my friends celebrate Halloween. Each year, one of us is responsible with 3 things:

  1. hosting the party
  2. choosing the characters
  3. choosing the games/activities

This year I have the pleasure to ‘torture’ them. Here are the characters and the games I’ve chosen.

My team

my goal was that each character would be unique and different from each other

women costume for holloween

Amanda as Medieval Victorian Woman

Apparently innocent and with the best intentions, Amanda will look like the ideal host on a dinner party.

Costume is available on amazon.

Adam as Two Face

The perfect weirdo. You wouldn’t expect this to be a right fit as Amanda’s partner. Wouldn’t you.

Available these days on amazon.

halloween swat

Riley as Swat Women

The face of true justice power. Will she use her powers for the greater good?

Available on amazon.

deadpool halloween costume

Mark (me) as DeadPool

Although this couple is not ‘so far away’ one from another, I choose Deadpool as he is most likely he won’t follow ‘orders’ or ‘rules’.

I hope I will be at least as funny as he was in Deadpool 1.

Costume available on amazon.

Rebeka as Kylo Ren

I know what you’re thinking. The character is not a women.

Well I thought about it and as I know Rebeka was a big fan of this outfit, I hope she will rise to expectations. She has plenty of flexibility to make this work.

Costume available on amazon.

Night White King halloween

Tom as The Night King

This will be interesting to see how well Tom will know his character. Some of us are fans and know a lot of this movie. Can’t wait.

Mask available on amazon.

Lizz as Maleficent

A little bit of ‘pure evil’ is a must on any Halloween party no matter what game you play.

Costume available on amazon. Dress with detachable brooch and character headpiece (staff not included). 

Ben as Darth Vader

‘Pure evil’ meets ‘pure evil’. However, since they come from such different worlds of fantasy I had to ‘torture’ Lizz and Ben.
Looking forward to see them interact.

Mask is available on amazon.

The games

1. Murder Mystery

Since each guest is already a character, I will make a short profile for each one. This is more of a reminder of who they play. Most likely they will come prepared to act out that character at the party. When they arrive, set up a murder scene and have the guests question each other to find out who the “murderer” is.

2. Guess the Villain

Attach the name of a movie villain onto their backs so they can’t see it. They can then ask other guests yes/no questions to try to guess which villain they are, and they can have conversations with other guests to help them figure out theirs. This game is easy to put together, inexpensive, and a great way to get people talking to each other.

Most likely we will play this in the beginning as it is the easiest in my experience.

3. Halloween Feel Box

Testing how much I can gross them out this Halloween party.

I will fill boxes full of items like spaghetti noodles, peeled grapes, and little smokies and see if my guests can use their hands to guess what the items are.

4. Halloween Jinx

I love this Halloween party game for adults. It requires some memory on their part — which might not be so easy as the night wears on.

As guests arrive let them know that there are certain words that they can’t say. If they do say them, you can set up some type of fun or embarrassing penalty.

Haven’t decided on the penalties. I am thinking of telling secrets. Something no one else knows.

5. The Classic Halloween Story Telling

This is well known. This will be the last game. It will get the oportunity to scare each other with the most powerful thing: Pass It on Ghost Story.

Your turn.

What team would you make and what games would you prepare?

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