Top 3 – Quietest Air Purifiers – Keep The Noise Down and The Allergies Away

It may seem easy to choose what to use to purify your air. But, without properly comparing the products available can result in a bad investment. Especially as this is supposed to be an investment in your health. In the past few years, making sure the equipment you use is as effective, as safe and as quiet as it can be, is a topic that interest more and more people. And that is because we became aware of the pollution around us and its effects on our health. Getting for your home an air purifier has become a normal thing to give your home environment the clean air your health needs.

That holds true especially when you want the quietest air purifier. Quietness is essential, but that can’t affect its ability to successfully clean the air. Also, it is ideal if the price is decent. Looking at brands that have excellent reviews is a starting point. We evaluated the following 3 products as the best ones considering efficiency, appearance, quietness, and price.

Rather than being forced to choose between the peace of your home to be able to easily breath cleaner air, it’s now possible to get the very best of both worlds with an air purifier that operates efficiently and quietly. Using the latest technology to purify air, latest purifiers can keep a constant flow of clean air in a quiet manner.

Since you are here looking for the quietest purifier, I won’t extend on the health implications of pollution or how you can benefit from a purifier especially if you have allergies. I guess you already know most of the problems and their solutions. So, let’s dive into finding the best air purifiers that can keep it down.

#1 Coway AP-1512HH Mighty

Best Overall

  • Declared best by multiple sources
  • Users Testimonials Confirm Tests
  • Optimum for rooms up to 400 square feet

Independent tests have shown a decrease of air-borne contamination of over 85%. The apartment used for testing was about 200 square feet. How long did it take to achieve that? 20 Minutes. Compared to other devices designed for spaces bellow 400 square feet this is remarkably. If that is not enough, some users report to use it with success in spaces that are double than what the producer recommends. Considering the high performance and its price, we can not ignore that Coway is the best in its class. And the buying price is not all. When you buy any purifier you have to consider the maintenance as well. Coway beats the competition even on maintenance with its costs of around $100 per year.

Add to all that: noise level is from 24.4 – 53.8 decibels. The lower level is similar to whispers. The high level is something just below a normal conversation. The low level is something you can fall asleep to.

Coway AP 1512HH is efficient and effective. It is remarkably silent, has low energy consumption, and has extremely well-optimized sensors to detect changes in the air quality.

It’s perfectly designed to eliminate particles that other purifiers have a hard time to clean.

It has a Hepa filter for small particles, against offers it has a carbon filter and for dust has a washable pre-filter. The washable filter comes first increasing the life of the other filters. This is one of the reasons the maintenance is so low with this device. It has a fourth filter, an ionizer that will charge the outgoing air making its job easier as the air passes again through the device. However, we don’t recommend using the optional ionizer feature. That because lately there are increasing reports stating that this type of filter is raising some concerns as it makes small amounts of ozone.

It has a timer that you can set to stop after cleaning 1, 4, 8 hours. This is ideal to use before getting home or before getting to sleep, as it can start while you are not near it. So if you are extremely sensible at any noise, like whisper level, this function will make its money. For most of us, it is possible to run the Coway even at night as the noise level is so low.

With simple controls, performance, energy efficient, with the highest number of certifications and verifications in the industry, with it’s lowest noise level, cost-effective are all the things that makes Coway the best choice.

#2 Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K


  • Quietest
  • Five-year warranty
  • Covers up to 800 square feet
  • Heavier
  • Not great looking

The Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K is recommended for rooms that are up to 490 square feet, making it next best choice. In terms of effectiveness is one of the strongest. Most likely this is the quietest air purifier when it runs at highest settings, although the difference between this one and our number 1 choice is almost not noticeable without using measuring devices. We recommend this for large rooms.

It scores highest for CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) in comparison with all the other purifiers reviewed. Problems with dust and pollen, mold spores, common irritants, dust mites, pet dander, ragweed or smoke? Not a problem for Whispure. Whispure cleans the air from a variety of pollutants. Even healthy persons will notice improvements in breathing quality.

It closes to 20 pounds. That makes it one of the heaviest in its class. Although it doesn’t have a sensor to test air purity to automatically adjust settings, it has a night mode that makes it almost silent. Its constant humming is perfect at night. Even at full power, the noise will not hinder conversation for example. Although other units may have the same noise level, there is a difference that makes a difference for this one. The pitch on this one is quite low. This makes it extremely enjoyable compared to high pitched noises.

The downsides of this one are mainly the maintenance costs that are a bit high compared to Coway. Considering you will run this non-stop the costs per year (electricity and filters) averages about $250. If possible, running it from time to time should reduce those costs. Despite all this, it is a huge success and one of the best-sold air purifier.

This device was made aiming to run silently. And they managed to pull it off. Actually the most vulnerable users concur the sound produced by this device is just about noticeable. The system is ideal for bedrooms use and spaces where quietness is needed.

Considering only performance and not quietness, there are few units that can perform better for the same price tag. Overall, if you have a large place this is the best pick as it is the best performer and cheapest for the job. For that, the buzz around this product is understandable. The Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K is the perfect choice when you want to a unit that is both able to handle spaces of up to 500 square feet and quiet as well.

#3 Intellipure Ultrafine 468


  • Covers up to 800 square feet
  • High priced but with low maintenance
  • Cleans particles as little as 0.007 micron
  • Decibels from 17.9 and up to 60

Their very own patented purification procedure, known as DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) is their innovation. A couple of studies support the idea that this system is better than the classic HEPA filter.

With Hepa filters have a density of 99%. This way the units can have a hard time pushing air through it. For a good majority of the traditional air filters, this is one of the reasons they consume more energy and the level of noise is quite high. On the other hand, the density on DFS filters is around 90%. This enables higher air flow, less energy consumed and they are quiet.

The DFS technology has multiple air filters. Each for a different pollutant. 2 filters against volatile organic elements (like VOCs – fumes, smells, chemicals). With the allergens filters, it captures particles. To kill microorganisms it uses a high energy grid.

At night, when you don’t want any noise or light to bother you, you can use the ‘night mode’. The noise made with this setting makes it one of the quietest air filter we reviewed. And most likely you won’t find another one in its class to have lower noise level. Like the previous 2 units presented here, you can run this non-stop as the noise won’t be an issue.

It has attained both the Family Review Center Seal of Approval and the Parent Tested Parent Approved accreditation.
Intelligel is a supplemental product that you can use with this unit. This enables the unit to act as an antiseptic as it gets airborne its oil. This also acts as a deodorizer and an air freshener.

It is made in a little village named Pulaski, NY. For those that like to support American small businesses, this can be another plus for this product.

The product is assembled by hand. Considering the price this is also a nice plus. The care for details of ‘handmade’ products can be greater compared to mass-produced units.
It has wheels that makes it easy to move around. It is lightweight, at only 27 pounds, for its category. Even my grandpa can move it. From touching and moving it around it gives this feeling of durability. This is something that I appreciate as I am extra delicate with things because I am scared I might break them (old history from when I was younger).

Smells from cooking are easily cleaned usually in less than 10 minutes. This test wasn’t planned, but I forgot something on the stole and it burned. It was a nice surprise to see the result. Felt a bit better for burning the food. 🙂

Comparing this unit with friends and other reviews only I feel confident that this the quietest air filter in its category while keeping the performance as high as possible. So, this makes it to our top 3.


Thanks to technology you can get effective and quiet air purifiers to have your air free of pollutants, dust and odors that affect both healthy individual and especially people with allergies or asthma for example.
The variety of prices, designs and specs can be a challenge to compare.

We hope that our researches of what we consider to be the top 3 quietest air purifiers will help you decide and benefit the best one for you. We covered both noise level, overall performance, and space that they can clean effectively.

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