Top 3 Quietest Bike Trainer – Keep It Quiet With The Best Smart Turbo Trainers

Riding within is not the punishment it was once. Today, much better and smarter indoor trainers present almost a 100% road feel along with data about your workout. Riding a bike in the open has a special feeling that all bikers know it. Pedaling around the roadways can be very gratifying, not to mention the health improvements.

Have you surprised yourself thinking of taking a bike ride whenever you got some spare time?

The pleasure of driving a bike after a long day at work or even experiencing it during the holidays is something to cherish.

Nevertheless, rainy or cold weather can prevent you from going forward with your plan. Having continuity in training is important, especially if you are a professional athlete, or you aim to get to a certain shape. So, the weather can become an obstacle for your goals.

Many folks recommend turbo trainers. In case you are interested in your training and do a great deal of competitive cycling, and are intending to, a turbo instructor is a great method of performing targeted and specific sessions. With pulse rate monitors as well as power measuring devices to assist you, makes it possible to effectively train on a turbo.

The upgraded classic turbo trainers are the smart turbo trainers. Mechanically, they are the same. However, the Smart turbo trainers are a proven way to improve your performance. It can connect to various devices and apps that can act as an instructor, following various routines.

Getting a bike trainer for home can be rewarding. The downside, sometimes, can be the noise that it produces. Your family, housemates, neighbors can get annoyed by the noise. So you get to ask yourself: What is the quietest bike trainer?

#1 Tacx Neo Smart

Top Performance

  • Quietest
  • 2200 Watts
  • Heavier but smaller than most
  • One of the best in all terms
  • Pricey if you don't plan to push it to it's limits

Probably best performer is the TacX NEO. Interestingly enough it manages to be the quietest bike trainer. Because it doesn’t have a physical transmission, like a roller or a belt, it makes any ride really quiet.

Want to climb hills even at 24% angle? No problem. Want to take it for a spin without calibrating it or any maintenance? Done. It can go up to 2200 watts. With this feature, it takes the lead among all smart bike trainers, no matter if we talk about quite ones or noisy ones. It is able to simulate multiple road types. This makes everything feel like in reality. Accuracy you ask? It is within 1%.

Bluetooth and ANT FE C are included. This makes it compatible with plenty of apps like Zwift for example.

No need for extra gearing as the engine is placed on the cassette directly. This way the ride offered is smooth. It has a compact frame style and you are able to easily keep it anywhere after you’re done using it.

NEO offers you the option of using it entirely wireless. As long as you have a power cord long enough you can enjoy your session anywhere your heart wants. All your data will be transferred through the wireless connection.

Linking your phone (apple or android) is possible so that you can check progress. Most reviews on this machine confirm what we found: smooth and genuine road feel. I can mimic even mud or pavement for example. Want to benefit from the ‘road feel’ feature? Simply connect the trainer and an app able to deliver such data, like Zwift, and you are good to go.

You are able to go from moderate to high, vigorous workouts with Neo Smart. NEO is ideal when it’s really ugly outside or when you want to save time on getting out and getting in. This way you are able to continue your training and up your game no matter the weather or the time you have at your disposal. The bike directly links to the trainer. So, you don’t have to be worried about the rear wheel. This way, solving the slippage problem.

We recommend this particular product as we see the value offered is well worth the money. Furthermore, it’s quite quiet. This enable you to easily keep it low for the sake of the others.

Comparing even the magic top 3 equipment (Elite Drivo 2, Kickr Gen 2 and Tacx Neo) the quietest is NEO. The chain is the main part that creates noise. Although, if you would use a classic decibel tester, all 3 trainers would get similar results. However, the decibel tester doesn’t take into account the pitch. For example, the Kickr has higher pitch, that from my point of view makes it easier to spot compared to the NEO humming. This explains why so many consider NEO to be the quietest turbo trainer.

As most of us don’t need the 2200 watts. If that is your case as well, you can save the money and invest in a turbo that is a bit cheaper. Kickr is such a choice. Both are as silent but KICKR doesn’t have all the NEO features.

#2 Elite Drivo II


  • Silent
  • Lightweight but larger than others
  • Easily one of the best overall

The Elite Drivo 2 is the entire package of performance and quietness. For the quietest, smoothes ride and high accuracy the back wheel needs to be removed.

The Elite Drivo 2 gets to the hall of fame for smart trainers. ANT+ connectivity, Bluetooth and software as Trainerroad and Zwift is able to offer customized sessions with amazing resistance features. It can simulate a slope of 24%. and as much as 2,000 watts of resistance.

Elite promises the Drivo’s energy measurement is precise to within one %, which is nearly as good as it gets, and it is really quiet.

Noise is even lower compared to the previous version. And the 61 decibels, of the first version, is proof that you can train even if someone in the house is sleeping. The noise level is similar to the noise in a restaurant. So, if you like an early session in the morning or late night sessions Elte Drivo 2 can offer you that while you keep quiet. User feedback confirms its performances and silence.

This particular bike trainer is recommended because it is able to mimic reality to a high degree.

Version 2 takes of from the original version. And we all know that first version was pretty amazing setting the bar higher with its features. Power is reported to be precise within a + .5 %, the balance has grown because of the massive wide legs, and also it is suitable for both quick release as well as 142 x 12mm thru axles. The direct drive mechanism is almost silent. Plus in case you want to obtain higher performance buy the membership to Elite’s My Training software program and use the pedaling analysis feature to upgrade your skills.

Really amazed with exactly how quick and enhanced the Elite Drivo 2 altered gradient: it is able to go from zero to twenty-four percent gradient in 3 seconds. That is 4% higher than the Wahoo Kickr.

The Drivo II promises to be among the quietest though it can fall short of several of the best available at the second, like the Wahoo. Accuracy is believed to function as the very best on the market at +/-0.5 %, using the Drivo II factory calibrated and never requiring a zero offset.


PROs choice

  • Quiet ~ 61 decibels
  • Small and easy to handle

Changing their gearing as well as belts, it got to have low vibration and reduced friction. Furthermore, the KICKR can withstand high energy, reaching a resistance of + 2000 watts. The unit is also among the portable and smallest smart turbo trainers you can get. Additionally, it is easy to move around as it folds away easily. Current version now has a handle for easily moving it. It seems that Wahoo listened to the users’ feedback.

Compared to the previous 2 trainers the differences are quite low making the choice more of a thing of design and price point. All 3 trainers were direct drive and have considerable price points. We are sure that any of the 3 will satisfy the majority.

The other significant upgrade on the new version is making it even quieter. For many there is little to no difference between this one and NEO.

Kickr with its low center of gravity and it’s weight makes it stable. To add further stability a trainer mat can be used. It will keep you in perfect balance, so no need to worry about any stability issues. As with the other direct drive trainers, it offers smoothness with each ride.

Cyclist that aim for top of the line Smart Trainers new new Kickr is one to be considered. Kickr may now get to 2,200 watts. Accuracy is at 2%. The wheel off design includes an 11 speed Shimano/SRAM cassette – furthermore compatible with eight, 10, 9, and 12-speed cassettes – and also may be transformed to accommodate other kinds of bikes in an assortment of wheel sizes. The Kickr works with training software and it has Bluetooth Smart, Ant and ant FE-C ready. The trainer is additionally really versatile, making it possible for you to push your boundaries, or enjoy a virtual game.

So for 2018 Wahoo has provided the Kickr, that challenges the competition for the titles of best performer and the quietest bike trainer. This puts its name on our best and quietest fitness equipment.

Nevertheless, what has grown is the mass on the flywheel to 7.25kg, consequently increasing the overall weight to about 22kg. Thankfully the ergonomics on the Wahoo Kickr and its well placed weight still survive one of the simplest to go around and store when room is restricted.

The Wahoo Kickr still continues to be among the very best available in regards to road feel and has honed that up with a larger flywheel for greater ride and control feel. Just like any turbo, noise must be factored in as well as the Wahoo Kickr has improved once again – though you cannot silence the drivetrain.

A greater overall wattage output that can boosts to 2,200 W. Gradients stop at twenty per cent, somewhat down on the rivals of its too.

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